A Vibe is a fan-funded concert. It's Simple...

Fan starts a Vibe...

Select an artist and city where you want the show to happen.

Fans follow the Vibe...

Build the demand by sharing the Vibe on social media. Once enough people follow a Vibe, We'll set a date and pick a venue.

Fans join the Vibe...

Fans pledge to buy tickets and perks. Fans are only charged if the show happens!


Vibe Room books the show!

If enough fans pledge, Vibe Room books the show and fans that pledged receive their tickets and perks!

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Welcome to Vibe Room®

We're so excited about our new platform that we just couldn't wait any longer to turn it on. As a thank you to the awesome artists, radio stations, venues, and events who have agreed to be part of our platform during our beta testing phase, we thought we would give you, their fans, early access so you can start bringing the artists you want to see to your town now. As one of our early access participants, we'd love to hear your feedback, suggestions or any issues you experience with the site. Click on About Us and then Contact in the menu and let us know! We love hearing from you.

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So here’s how this whole Vibe thing works

Anyone—fans, musicians, venue managers or even EDM loving hamsters (never mind on the hamster part...we had to kick him out)—can create a Vibe. A Vibe is basically a concert craving. Choose which bands you want to see and where you want to see them. Then the Vibe Starter, Followers, and other fans share the Vibe with their friends. Once enough fans follow the Vibe, we'll set the date and the venue. Then if enough people pledge for tickets and perks, WE BOOK THE SHOW! The Vibe Starter will earn the exclusive VIP rewards for a successfully fan-funded show. We will also reward the Top Sharers of that Vibe. Similar to other crowdfunding platforms, Vibe pledgers will not only be able to pledge for tickets, but also exclusive Perks to make the Vibe a truly unforgettable experience. Pledgers will only be charged when a Vibe is fully funded and the show is booked. You are in control, Start, Follow or Join a Vibe now!

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Are you a Music Fan, Musician or Venue Manager?

Want to start a new Vibe, Follow an existing Vibe or Join a Vibe that is close to happening? It all starts with just a quick registration.

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