Our Vision

We are music lovers who saw a need to give fans, bands, and venues a voice in how live music experiences are created. Vibe Room is a platform designed to empower fans, bands, and venues to create, promote, and pre-fund live concert events with the guarantee that if an event gets fully funded, it WILL happen.

We give fans, bands, and venues the freedom to create experiences.

Fans determine what’s hot, but sometimes those fans live in the middle of nowhere—with killer bands driving right on through. Venues assume a lot of risk, which means they’re often taking a gamble on whether a new band can pack the house. Great artists sometimes lose out on new gigs and bigger fan-bases when venues pass them up. With Vibe Room, everyone wins—the musicians, the venues that book them, and definitely the fans who desperately want a chance to see them play.

We developed Vibe Room to be used as a powerful way of connecting fans, artists, venues, promoters, booking agencies, managers, and anyone else in the music industry, looking for a fresh approach to make magic happen.

Welcome to a new era: Music Experiences Powered By YOU!

Our Team

RJ Romeo

R.J. Romeo

Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O)
R.J. Romeo, an entertainment lawyer and talent buyer, dreamt up Vibe Room when he saw how touring was becoming a much more important revenue stream for artists than recorded sales. He also recognized the risks venues face and the way many fans get skipped over.

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Keff Turner

Jeff Turner

Chief Technology Officer (C.T.O)
Jeff Turner is the guy people call when they have an idea but they need someone to figure out the technology to make it real. He took on Vibe Room as a challenge because he wants to empower bands to take control of their careers and empower fans to gain access to the artists they want to see live.

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Todd Thomas

Todd Thomas

Chief Industry Officer (C.I.O)
Todd Thomas got involved with Vibe Room because “it’s the right thing,” he says. “It’s a movement.” He’s always had a passion for artists and for music and fans, and Vibe Room presents the opportunity for people to choose what they want to hear, where they want to hear it.

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