Fans, share it loud and clear! You’re the ones who buy the tickets; that means you should get to decide who plays—even if you live in Small Town, USA. Vibe Room puts the power in your hands to rally behind your favorite artists and venues. Create a Vibe and influence friends and other fans to make that Vibe happen.


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Check out our selection of Vibes. Find an artist you’re dying to see live, and we’ll bring them to you. Just promise us you won’t try to stowaway on the tour bus because that would be trespassing which is a misdemeanor in most states but still not cool.

If you don’t see a band you love, then Nominate a band or an artist here. We’re constantly adding new talent and new Vibes to choose from.

Ultimately, Vibe Room is about giving you—the fans—the live-music experiences you want where you want them.


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Join A Vibe

Create a Vibe or Join one that’s already in play. Just select an artist you love and a city where you would like to rock out to that artist. What’s the difference between Following, Joining, and creating? Well, thanks for asking:

If you’re creating or Joining a Vibe, you’ll be guaranteed a ticket to the show if the Vibe gets fully funded and booked. We’ll hold a ticket/s for you with your credit card, and then when a date is set for the show, we’ll confirm the purchase with you before charging your account. You can un-Join risk free anytime before the show gets booked.

When you Follow a Vibe, you are telling us that you support that artist and want to bring them to town. We will keep you up to date about a Vibe’s progress without holding a ticket or needing a credit card. Early Followers of a Vibe will be the first to know any status changes and find out when tickets and Perks become available for that Vibe.

Vibes have separate Perks for sale as well, so if you Join a Vibe you'll also be able to select from a choice of great Perks: Backstage passes, sweet seats, meet-n-greets, and autographed merch are just some examples.

If you’re the original Vibe Starter, and the show gets fully funded and booked, you’ll earn the VIP treatment and rewards. For the top sharers of the Vibe, there will be great rewards as well!

To create, Join, or Follow a Vibe, you’ll need to register with Vibe Room. Register here if you're ready, or continue reading for more details. We don't judge.


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Spread The Word

Get the word out about your Vibe via social media or sky writing and connect with other rabid music lovers in your area to fan-fund the show. Sharing is the bread and butter (and probably pickles) of Vibe Room.

We’ll give the Vibe Starter and each Follower and joiner a unique share link. The more Joiners and Followers use your link, the more points you get.

Our top sharers earn exclusive rewards in the form of cool Perks and fun experiences during the show. You’ll be able to monitor your share progress (along with other top sharers) on the Vibe’s page.

It’s just a little something else to get competitive about, now that you’ve finally mastered that game some people call cornhole.


Enjoy The Show

Once enough people have Joined a Vibe, sunshine and rainbows will appear—because that’s when we book the show.

We’ll notify Vibe Followers and Joiners of the date, give you an opportunity to confirm ticket/s and Perk pledges, and then we'll email you your tickets and then all you gotta do is show up and have a good time.

Pretty easy, right? Check out our Vibes here or if you have more questions, check out our Frequenty Asked Questions here.

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Musicians — Find Your Following. Dream Up Your Mainstage. We’ll Help You Fill the House. Vibe Room empowers you to discover, build, and prove your demand to your favorite venues. Use our data and Vibes to secure gigs, plan tours, and set the world on fire.


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How Vibe Room Can Help Artists

Vibe Room puts you and your fans in charge of where you perform.

Anyone can create a Vibe, a concert wish. As an artist or band, you might start Vibes to map out a tour of your choosing in the venues you want to play. You can use Vibes in conjunction with social media to spread the word about your plans, reach out to fans, grow a larger following, and assure venues that you can fill the house via pre-sold concerts. Or you can keep living in your mom's basement and hope the demo CD from 2009 suddenly goes viral.

Your Fans then can become Vibe Starters by telling us where they want to see you perform.

If a Vibe gets fully funded, we book the show, you play for the crowd, and everyone is happy. So, so happy. As an artist, you’ll have the opportunity to offer certain Vibe members—your most hot-blooded fans—special Perks like meet-n-greets, cool merch, and more.

Vibe Room offers you a way to find and reward your fans for their steadfast loyalty. Nominate your band here. We're still in Beta, so we can't promise we can get you in right away, but the more of your fans that nominate you, the further up our waiting list you'll be. If you haven't heard from us in a few months, feel free to reach out to us here.


Tell Us About You

Remember that time you forgot to tip the pizza guy? We don’t wanna know about that. But we do want to know all the deets about your band or solo act.

Once you've been approved as a Vibe Room artist, through our registration process you’ll have the opportunity to tell us what type of music you play and what you need in a venue.

You can also upload photos and your logo and provide us with your social media info, website links, and anything else we need to know about what you do and why fans love you.


Get More Gigs!

Booking your own gigs is fun right? Not so much! We're here to help you, or your booking agents (go you!), book more gigs. Vibe Room maintains relationships with all major booking agencies and we are a resource for them to help you.

Use our data and Vibes to secure gigs, plan tours, and set the world on fire.

By eliminating the risk for venues, Vibe Room helps artists lock in more shows. We only book a show if it’s fully fan-funded, so venues don’t have to worry about losing money on artist guarantees.

We’re reimagining the way artists get booked, find new fans and grow their careers.

If you’re looking to find new fans and play in markets you may have never known about, you’re in the right place.


Now What?

We personally review all artist info to make sure we have the correct details and that nothing is missing. After filling out the registration form, just be like Axl Rose and “have a little patience” while we look it over.

Add Vibe Room to your contact info because we’ll get back to you, and we get totally emo when we’re locked in spam-folder jail.

Of course, if you have any questions, we’re happy to answer them. You can check out our Frequenty Asked Questions here. If you don't see your question answered, you can reach out to us here or email us.

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Venues, nix the risk of an empty house. Local and nearby fans drive the process with fan-funded, packed concerts. Or create your own Vibes to take the guesswork and risk out of bookings.


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How Vibe Room Can Help Venues

Vibe Room reimagines the live-music booking process.

A Vibe is a fully fan-funded show that’s profitable before a venue books it. Anyone—a fan, an artist, or a venue—can create a Vibe, which is a concert wish. We help them to grow that wish until it becomes a reality.

Venues that become Vibe Room members can book these risk-free shows. They’re risk free because venues don’t lose out on high artist guarantees if a show doesn’t sell tickets. Enthusiastic fans have already made and paid for the choice to show up and have a blast with artists and bands who are a part of the process.

Venues can create Vibes if they want to draw a specific artist to their stage or try out a new artist.

Remember, the whole shebang is risk free. If risk-free booking sounds good to you, click here to register your venue.


Tell Us About Your Venue

Once approved we'll need you to tell us about your place. How many fans does it hold? What’s the setup?

Through our registration process, you’ll have the opportunity to upload photos, videos and your logo and give us your website links and social media details. We want to know what makes your venue great, what types of bands typically play there, and if shows are all ages or 21 and over—stuff like that, so we can bring the right shows, or more of the right shows, to you.

You know the drill.


Book More Shows

Need more people packing the room on Tuesday nights?

Vibe Room can make that happen. Plus, Vibe Room venues get access to some of the hottest new acts music fans are obsessing over. Concerts that start out as Vibes are happening shows long before the first set even begins because fans and musicians do the work of creating a buzz on social media. Not only do you get a profitable show, but you get the increased buzz about your venue. As an added Vibe Room perk, you get to provide customers with cool perks to keep them coming back—think VIP treatment, bottle service, special seating, and more.

If you’ve got a burgeoning local music scene or plenty of indie bands popping through town, you can give artists an opportunity to prove their fan pull.

Just create a Vibe or ask them to. Either way, as a Vibe Room venue, you’ll book more shows with less hassle and hair loss.


Now What?

We personally review all venue info to make sure we have the correct details and that nothing is missing.

Please fill out the registration form here to register your venue, and we'll get back to you after we look it over.

Add Vibe Room to your contact info so we don't end up in your spam folder.

Of course, if you have any questions, we’re happy to answer them. You can check out our Frequenty Asked Questions here. If you don't see your question answered, you can reach out to us here or email us.

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