"You wanna hear a song you can drink a beer to, dance all night, cry if you want to" sings Georgia-born, Nashville-dwelling Andy Velo on "Song You Can Drink a Beer To" which is the lead single off his new album, New Georgia Pines. The song shows the honesty and feelings that not only Velo's music brings but what country music brings to fans from all over.Andy Velo left his hometown of Suwannee, Georgia in 2012 to officially make his move to Nashville. Early in his career, Andy started going out on the road with country artist, Corey Smith. He was able to learn first-hand from Corey what all it took, behind the scenes to become a touring artist. From there, life took him in many different directions including stunt work on the big screen in films such as The Blind Side. However, with everything, he was brought back to his true passion for music.Velo released his self-titled EP in 2012 and his 2nd studio release EP, Blue Collar Cruise in August of 2014. It continue...

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