Everyone in Blackjack Billy is bonded together by music — specifically, the no-holds-barred,good-time, party-down rockin’ country that is endearing them to fans throughout and beyond the U.S.The group first impacted in 2013, when they independently released their first single, “The Booze Cruise,” to digital media. With no promotion, the summertime anthem nonetheless won frequent rotation by SiriusXM’s “The Highway,” achieved Platinum certification in Canada, charted #1 in Australia, and became the hottest-selling iTunes song in America by any act without a label deal that year. “Honestly, we had zero expectation when we wrote it that anything would ever happen with it,” admits guitarist Jeff Coplan. “We’d only been playing random bar gigs up to that point, where nobody came to see us; they were there to watch Sports Center or pick up chicks or get drunk. But then ‘The Booze Cruise...

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