Chris grew up in the small town of Pulaski, TN, where the local store had a sign reading, “Population: 99, More or Less.” Growing up, Chris would earn his weekly allowance helping his dad do odd jobs around the county to provide the family a little extra money. While riding to the job sites, Chris and his dad would sing to the radio. His dad noticed his son’s talent and always encouraged him to sing. But at that time, Chris just had girls, sports, and his allowance on the brain. However, if there was a family gathering, the only way he could earn his allowance was if he sang. “Growing up, I was always way too nervous to sing. The only way you could get me to was by holding my allowance ransom.” But ask Chris how he first started playing music, and he’ll tell you that his parents bought him a mandolin that Christmas he was 14. “I guess it truly started there, but I’ve been hooked on country music since I was in a crib thanks to dad.” Being raised by a man who loved th...

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