Talent, perseverance and the willingness to work hard to make a dream come true are the cornerstones of any successful music career and Josh Gracin has all those qualities in spades. With his new album, “Nothin’ Like Us,” Gracin reestablishes himself as one of country music’s most compelling voices, a soulful troubadour with an ear for a great song and a passion for connecting with his audience.“This means a lot more to me because I’m working in the trenches and trying to build back to where we were and beyond,”the former “American Idol” favorite says of this new chapter. “I’m in the trenches fighting it out, taking the hits and moving forward again. Like all those old timers say when you sit down with them and they give you advice, ‘The best things are the things you work for and you work hard for.’That’s the mentality that I’m taking and going forward.”The Michigan native was first thrust into the national spotlight when he placed fourth on the secon...

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