With the recent release of their new single "Loud Love", The Morrison Brothers Band has found not only it’s footing in Music City, but a truly unique sonic fingerprint that has been years in the making. “It’s easy to get lost in all the noise, even if you play as loud as we do,” laughs Kevin Nolan, the preeminent guitarist behind the band’s latest statement. “We all feel that we’ve really found our sound and a big part of that is the groove.” The centerpiece of this new sound, which offers a respectful nod to the country/rock group’s funk and dance music influences, is Loud Love, the soon-to-be-released single. “The goal was definitely to see if we couldn’t be a bit funkier than we have in the past.” Loud Love will mark the band’s second release since moving to Nashville in early 2015. Teaming up once again with long-time friend, producer, and co-conspirator Maggie Rose, The Morrison Brothers Band has broken out the big guns and written a new directio...

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