Olivia Lane keeps a diary. “Who doesn’t?” you ask.Ah, but Olivia’s is different. Unlike practically everyone else you know, each entry is a song. She records each of these with a rare conviction — sometimes sexy, sometimes defiant, sometimes vulnerably intimate. And then she invites the world to listen. Which is probably the best offer the world has had in recent memory. “That’s what music is to me,” says the ebullient Houston-born singer/songwriter/entertainer. “It’s how I categorize my life.” Not only that; rather than follow traditional strategy by packaging her most recent performances as a single EP release, Olivia is letting them loose one at a time. Like seeds planted individually and then nurtured to bloom, each song teases the listener’s imagination and makes them hungry for more. Olivia laughs delightedly at that imagery. “That’s right but, you know, the world is changing,” she says. “It’s not like how things were when I was growing up, when you’...

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