From working on the farm as a child, to co-writing Kelsea Ballerini's hit "Dibs" to honing his own music, Ryan Griffin has always been about blending pure talent with good old hard work and tireless dedication. And, since arriving in Nashville from Florida at seventeen, he's also always been about guiding his career equally from the gut and the heart. Since his top-streaming song "Woulda Left Me Too" introduced him as a singer with an unusually empathetic hand (and garnered millions of plays on Spotify), Griffin has been working to release music that finds his unique niche between R&B and country, and between fun and true vulnerability. And now, with three new busbee-produced tracks and more on the horizon, Griffin has never been more ready for this moment. "I've never felt more true to myself than I have with this music," says Griffin. "These songs have never felt so right." Indeed, "Best Cold Beer," "Good Company"...

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