In life, our only constant is change. Its ubiquitous presence observed in real time with no regard to whether we’re prepared for or in favor of. Our only control is in the moment of now: how we reflect, and how we set our course toward the future. With “Stay”, Ryan Kinder has powerfully captured the vulnerability of uncertainty with a passionate plea to find comfort in the present.“At the root, this song is a prayer, a mantra, a plea to the one you love to walk alongside you through life’s journey of ups and downs,” explains Kinder. “In a moment when everything is crashing down around you, “Stay” is a cry to the one person you can count on, hold on to, fight through the circumstances and walk out of the fire together.” Co-written by Kinder, Fred Wilhelm and co-producer Luke Sheets, “Stay” isn’t a new creation, but found its way to the top of pile of songs through a series of recent life events. “I wrote this song for a friend’s wedding over five years ago...

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