I luv music. Just don't tell anyone I'm here....apparently hamsters are excluded from having accounts (check the terms and conditions if you don't believe me!) But I have to do my part. I love my running wheel, those clear balls they put me in (i'm a world record holder in the 50 yd dash in one....woo hoo) and long runs in the park (you can't walk when you are a rodent...too many hawks and eagles....geez they are fast)I also love nuts, carrots, raisins and cardboard tubes.I have 4 wives and 374 kids (that I know of....there was a lab experiment I signed up for to test alcohol there might be a couple hundred more I don't remember) I am the king of shredding newspaper (the ladies love it....i can make a nest in less than an hour....let's get it on....woo hoo....let's get it onnnnn....)Promise to keep my secret....i promise not to tell anyone you secretly like polka music....they will both be our little secrets! any nuts... More


January 16, 2017

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